Hunyuan Taiji Inner Training

Hunyuan Taiji Inner Training

Taiji Hunyuan is a programme of mental and physical training that refines the internal qi and cultivates inner strength in the practice of Taijiquan. It can serve both as a basic training programme for beginners in the practice of Taijiquan and as the way to elevate the practice of Taijiquan to a higher level. It is a type of inward training that combines both movement and stillness and works on both the inner and outer spheres, training both mind and body in both their manifest and unmanifest aspects.

Taiji Hunyuan refines the hunyuan qi within the dantian, that is, the original undifferentiated life force that a person is endowed with at birth that resides within the elixir field (dantian) below the navel. This is carried out by directing the attention toward the elixir aperture and working on the qi until it becomes one grain of concentrated qi. There is an ancient saying, Hold fast to the dantian and train yourself inwardly; the two qi of hum and ha are wonderful without limit. It is also said that, If you train the hunyuan qi in the dantian, you can go anywhere in the world with nothing to fear. The hunyuan qi in the dantian is the prenatal qi , and it is the foundation of all inward-directed martial arts. If one does not train this prenatal original qi, but just relies on the postnatal qi and the physical strength of the body, then it is not possible to truly practice Taijiquan.

What is cultivated through Taiji Hunyuan training is the higher type of kung fu, that is, where one grain of original qi passes through the energy channels of the body and fills the body right out to the skin, then is collected into the bone marrow and circulated around the eighteen spheres of the body, forming a freely rotating Taiji sphere in which inner and outer become one, the top and bottom halves of the body follow one another, and the entire body becomes a single unified energy system. This rotation also forms an energy membrane of qi that protects the body both inside and out. The density and thickness of the energy membrane determines the strength and size of the resilience force produced, and also determines the ability of the body to ward off the invasion of illness and other evil influences. There is an ancient saying that, The body is equipped with five bows; if they are trained to become like springs, then no one in the world can defeat you. When your practice has reached this point, your qi will be strong and firm while also being empty and flexible. No external force will be able to split it or dissipate it. When you aim it outward, the force will go through the bones, and when you are attacked, you always be able to repulse the attacker.

The first part of Taiji Hunyuan training emphasizes nourishing the qi, getting hold of the qi, and refining the qi. It is the stage of mild training. It can help the practitioner rapidly strengthen his inner qi and inner force, raising the overall quality of one’s Taijiquan practice and raising one’s level of skill in Taiji push-hands, so that one will truly be able to master Taijiquan.

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May Tan Mui Buay is the chief coach and founder of Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre. She holds a degree in Social Science and Diploma In Applied Psychology.

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